Nebraska Public Education News
Funding Cuts
In 2011, the Nebraska State Legislature cut nearly $100 million from public education. Meanwhile, schools have faced increases in enrollment, programs, services, and mandated testing.  NPPE urges parents and legislator to restore the state funding. For more details, see our review of the 2013 legislative bills.

State Funding
Nebraska ranks near last in the nation (47th) in the percent of state revenue supporting public schools. Nationally, 44% of the funding for public schools comes from state government revenues while in Nebraska it is only 33%.

Teacher Salary
Nebraska ranks 35th nationally in teachers’ average salary: $47,368 vs. $55,623, lagging behind the national average by over $8,000.

In our region of the country alone, Nebraska teachers' average salary falls $2,500 behind Iowa teachers, $1,900 behind Colorado teachers, $6,300 behind Minnesota teachers and more than $8,700 behind Wyoming teachers. The result is the loss of both beginning and veteran teachers to neighboring states.

In 2011 as enrollment increased, Nebraska reduced or downsized 300 teachers and staff and is expected to lose 300 more in 2012.

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