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Call to Action: Letter Writing Open House

One letter to a State Senator makes a difference. 
A lot of letters make more difference. 
Let's make a difference!

On January 26, 2013, parents in the Omaha area joined NPPE to write postcards to their state senator to urge full state funding on public schools.  NPPE offers a special thanks to the parents and children (some of which are pictured below) who participated in this event.

NPPE in the News: Senators Receive Pressure From Parents - our event is chronicled in an article and video from KMTV Channel 3, Omaha.

Click on pictures to see more details!

If You Couldn't Come to the Open House

Contact us at  We'll find alternatives to get your voice heard.

If You Want to Organize Your Own Open House
Perhaps you want to organize a Letter Writing Open House for your area.  Contact us at and we will work with you, supply a kit with the necessary materials, so that you may add your voice to ours.