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Find Your State Senator

The Nebraska Legislature website offers a few ways to find your State Senator.

By Zip Code:

Click here, and a page from the Nebraska Legislature website will allow you to enter you zip code:

If your zip code is associated with just one State Senator, then your District Number and your senator's name will be displayed.  If not, you will see more than one name and have to search by address.

By Address

Click here, and a map of Nebraska will be displayed.  In the bottom left corner, you will see an option to "search the map".  Type in your address and click "Search":
The map will display the address detail.  Click the shaded portion of the map near the address marker...
...and the senator representing that address will be displayed:
Click "More Info", and the senator and District Number will be displayed, along with the senator's address in the top right corner:
Now you know your District Number, State Senator's name and address.

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