Get Informed

NPPE's current focus in the 2013 legislative session and some of the bills that affect education.  With so many bills, the issues appear complex.  However, as parents, we can't can't forget that:
  • We have a voice in the process
  • The issues we witness in our schools are relevant
  • Our children's education is at stake
  • Our state's reputation and economic future is also at stake
Therefore, we must speak up with a clear and informed message.  NPPE's analysis of the relevant legislature can be found here, but in short:

  • LB 407 - NPPE favors combining with LB 640, with some changes, and raising the funding level to that provided by current law.
  • LB 640 - NPPE favors combining with LB 407, with some changes
Charter Schools
  • LB 593 - NPPE opposes this bill because it is vague and does not address some key issues
NPPE Meetings

We meet regularly to discuss action on education issues across Nebraska.   You'll hear from other parents, learn about education issues, and how you can make a difference.  View our Calendar for the next meeting dates or click here for more details.

During the next few months, we will focus on influencing the legislature with letter writing, phone calls, and one on one meetings.

Write Your Senator

If you can't join us for a Letter Writing effort, you can send a letter to your State Senator voicing your concerns or telling your story about Nebraska Public Education.  Click here for step by step instructions.