The meeting scheduled for Sunday, March 10 is canceled. We will post and e-mail the new date soon.

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The State Legislature is considering several bills that will impact Nebraska's public education.  Now is the time for Nebraska parents to influence State Senators to provide the funding that our schools deserve.

During the past two years, the state funding to public schools was cut over 10%, or $98 million.

Meanwhile, there was an increase in enrollment, school programs, services, and mandated testing.  Pressured to do more with less, schools have tried to keep the impact out of the classroom, but parents across Nebraska are seeing the effect of the cuts on their children's education.

Join our efforts to restore the state funding to Nebraska public schools:

Our Mission

Through state-wide advocacy we will ensure a brighter future for Nebraska children by promoting the highest quality education in our k-12 schools.

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How Can You Help?

Parents make a difference. State Senators and others who influence Nebraska's education hear mostly from lobbyists and policy experts, so when parents speak and tell their story, it is powerful.

No training or special skills required.
Just parents.
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Issues & Facts

How does Nebraska's funding of education rank when compared to other states? How much state funding was cut?

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